I’m a full time engineer/ mother of two beautiful children /self-proclaimed awesome wife/ part time skincare enthusiast.


I spent my first 24 years of my life in Thailand. I earns my degrees from one of the well-known engineering school in Bangkok. After graduated I decided to take a risk and come to the US to study. One thing leads to another… got my first engineering job, married, moved around the world a bit, have kids… just have ordinary busy life.

I don’t have a degree in cosmetology or esthetics. All my knowledge in this blog come from countless hours of reading about skin science, skincare ingredient and my own experiment and experience.

Blog Objective

Let me tell you background story a bit…

Since as long as remember I always have hyper-sensitive/ oily/ acne prone skin. I tried a lot of products that promised to get rid of my acne and my occasional rash. Sadly nothing works on me (bare in mind that I grew up in Thailand where most of the advertisement can claim what the heck ever they want without (or with small amount) any responsibility on their claims).

Next thing I did was seeing dermatologists every other weeks during college years. I would have minimum breakouts and rash during that time. Private dermatologist office in Thailand run like an assembly line. I had only about 5-10 minutes face-to-face time with actual dermatologist. They always seem to be in a hurry and and want to walk out the door to see their next patient as soon as possible. Therefore, even though my acne cleared up but I did not gain any knowledge to maintain that healthy skin. The extraction procedure would be done by one of the office staffs. They sometimes even in charge of answering common questions from patients as well. ¬†Well, we all know that most of college students are broke and I was one of them too. Going to see dermatologist that often ate up a big chuck of my saving so eventually I stopped going there and decided to battle the acne and rash on my own by trying all sort of products that promise to eliminate acne. My life has got busier so didn’t pay much attention on my skin.

It wasn’t until I was ordered by my OBGYN to be on bedrest for two months which trigger me to start finding something I can do besides idly laying on my bed doing nothing for two months. So as of I’m laying on my bed, my eyes wondered around the bedroom and I saw a moisturizer jar on one of nightstand. It was like a light bulb go off in my head kinda moment. “How about doing a research on skincare product to understand what they actually are and what are in them” I thought to myself. And that was literally what I did 8 to 10 hours a day everyday during bedrest. Even after maternity leave was ended I still read about skincare whenever I have time. My skin is in quite a decent state right not. Don’t get me wrong. My skin is not perfect and never will be. I born with this skin. Unless I find someway to modify my chromosome, I don’t expect anything to change. I always breakout during that that time of the month, when I don’t have enough sleep, when I eat too much sugar, or when I stress out. And that is OK. Through out the years, I grew to love my own skin more and more.

I did not have an idea about writing a blog (I’m not good at writing to be honest) ¬†until I have a conversation with a Thai girlfriend one day about a $35-magical cream she saw on her Facebook feed. The seller claims that this cream will lift the face, create V-shape face (regardless of what your natural face shapes is), cure all kind of acnes, and bring you good luck in life because it contain precious stone such as emerald, diamond, and gold. I thought to myself that “this is madness and nobody would buy this BS”. I was Wrong!!! So many young Thai girls contacted the seller to buy that cream. Those innocence girls thought of it as an investment that they could just use this cream and they will become lucky and beautiful. That is when I thought to myself…It is not their fault to believe in this crappy cream. These girls just don’t know how to evaluate the skincare products due to lack of knowledge. So why don’t I explain to them in scientific way of how skincare and its ingredients work so they can make optimum choice on how to take care their skin? Therefore I will write this blog with as much of my knowledge possible. Bare in mind that information and technology change all the time which possible have impact to my opinion on things. But I will not write false information.

Due to my motive of writing this blog, I will try to translate everything in Thai as much as possible so broader audiences can understand more about skincare science.